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Imagine a city that is an agile and efficient communication hub for growth. A city where the Economic Development Strategy breeds loyalty with existing businesses while attracting new businesses and investors to maintain growth and stability.

Our approach to Economic Development is different and customized to our client’s unique needs. We’ve learned over our 25 years in business that every city has diverse personalities. We research and recommend specific solutions that serve our clients better than the typical templated systems most providers offer. One of the most ineffective city processes we’ve witnessed in our recent findings is the pattern of building ED strategies based on outdated data, technology that is patchworked together and the lack of a clear understanding of their communities needs and concerns.

Most ED departments we’ve met with don’t have staff that actually meet in person with business leaders in their community. These open discussions are key to achieving a true understanding about how top businesses feel about the city government’s involvement (whether supportive or suppressive)  in their success or failure. ED departments typically don’t have the resources or staff to do this invaluable task. And yet this data is the cornerstone of where a strategy should begin.

Our process begins with conversations with leaders in your business community. Then we present reports and data for you about what these leaders need. This begins the process of creating a positive arena for developing a custom strategy that truly speaks to the needs of the community and provides actions in plain view to gain the support of your business leaders and attract newcomers.

Our three phase strategy includes creative cloud-based solutions for:

  • Data Collection Marketing Strategy
  • Engagement Platform Development and Training
  • Media Engagement, Marketing, Reporting and Future Campaign Improvement.

We are building the future of local government Economic Development which is gaining attention with cities across California. Please read on :)