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Imagine a city that is an agile and efficient communication hub for growth. A city where the Economic Development Strategy breeds loyalty with existing businesses while attracting new businesses and investors to maintain growth and stability.

The Marketing Machine has been in the technology, media and marketing industry for over 25 years and our approach to Economic Development is different. We have worked with governments and public entities for decades and understand that every city has diverse personalities and unique needs. This is why our recommendations and solutions are customized and specific to your city’s unique needs. Our approach is different. If you’re tired of the typical templated solutions, based on outdated data non-specifics relating to implementation and actions steps, we would love to demonstrate how we have solutions to better serve your city.

It has been our experience that most Economic Development departments have limited staff or resources to engage, meet and build relationships with business leaders in their community. These open discussions are key to achieving an understanding of your community influencers view on city government’s involvement (whether supportive or suppressive) in their success or failure. This is where we begin.

Next we find that many ED strategies use general data sources which are outdated or not specifically targeting important demographics (like younger business owners.) Collecting data from these demographics has to include more modern methods to incentivize participation. These modern methods are paramount in our approach as we understand that your data is the cornerstone of your strategy. If your data is off, so is your strategy.

Our process begins with a communication / relationship strengthening strategy that will flow into data collection reports of accurate, targeted data. Once we provide consulting on this invaluable information, you have entered phase one of a custom three phase implementation strategy. You may stop at phase one or continue on. Our strategy will be customized to your needs and provide implementable action steps that your communities will see in plain view as you gain the support of your business leaders and attract newcomers! 

Our three phase strategy includes creative cloud-based solutions for:

  • Data Collection Marketing Strategy
  • Engagement Platform Development and Training
  • Media Engagement, Marketing, Reporting and Future Campaign Improvement.

We are building the future of local government Economic Development which is gaining attention with cities across California.