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What data do cities want for Economic Development?
It is our belief that the data a city collects depends largely on the personality and specific challenges of the individual city. No two cities are alike and data should mostly be targeted in a specific manner, although some generic practices apply. Our findings have shown that most ED consulting firms are generic and templated in nature. Our approach is very unique and hands-on which results in much more efficient data collection and effective strategies.

Our Data Collection Strategy:
Our approach is different. We collect the data that matters to your city and most of what we collect comes directly from your community. This is Phase I of our strategy. We demonstrate a very unique approach to collecting relevant, non-generic data from your business community and workforces. We then become your strategic partner in presenting our findings to your City Manager or council for issues that need to be addressed with policy changes, new departments, additional staff, etc. Lastly, we use this data and any changes brought forth by the city administration to implement an Economic Development Engagement Platform for your business and workforce community.

Open Data, SaaS (Software as a Service) and Micro-Services:
These technologies are fast changing the landscape of Economic Development In fact. Understanding and implementing these services at some point is a given for any city government. Although we are not presenting samples here on our website, we go in depth during an in person meeting to address these technologies and how to implement a strategy around them. Here are things we have learned and can demonstrate to your council.

  • Agile processes are key to efficiencies
  • Subscribing rather than owning technology is now a viable option
  • Management of key technologies should be quick to learn and easy to implement across departments.
  • Understanding and utilizing Portals, Open Data, API's, KPI's & Microservices will greatly determine efficiencies going forward.
  • Data is shared and customizable for viewing between departments and citizens.