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Outreach and Engagement:

Engagement should never be vague or general in nature, should have specific goals that can be measured, costs with not-to-exceed limits, and data collection for review so that future campaigns can be continuously improved. 

Our Engagement Campaigns include:

  • Branding and Messaging strategy that is consistent throughout all campaign mediums whether web, technology or media.
  • Defining your target market.
  • Fully managed video campaigns that include business selection strategy, discovery meetings/relationship building, reporting/recommendations, pre-interviews, filming, launch strategy and engagement data reporting.
  • Social Media outreach strategy
  • Marketing strategy for media buys, Seach Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing.
  • Social Automation/Marketing A.I.
  • Keyword Marketing and Analysis
  • YouTube Channel Marketing
  • Specific agile workflow process/reporting for teams including:
    What team/staff members are involved in the project.
    Specific tasks each member is responsible for and timeframes.
    Implementation Steps
    Data to be collected and why.

Implementation Strategy:

City government’s staff are not typically marketing/media/web technology experts. So why do so many ED strategies task them to be?

We have seen ED reports that assign city staff with tasks that are simply not their area of expertise, which more often than not, results in abandoned projects. There is also a pattern of using non-specific directives like investigate, expand, coordinate, develop, maintain, leverage, maximize, consider, identify, prioritize, etc. These non-specific statements can add tens of thousands to the true costs and yet are not factored into the proposed fees. Deliverables and fees need to be specific and applied to implement a measurable, efficient  plan as opposed to the general statements we often witness.

Our Implementation Action Plans are specific and include:

  • Custom action steps derived from the current and accurate data we’ve collected.
  • Specific strategies that outline exactly who will be responsible for each task based on staff skills, budgets and any outside contractors needed.
  • Complete project management to work with your staff.
  • Ongoing reporting with regards to project progress, team efficiency and financial responsibility.
  • KPI Dashboards both citizen and admin facing. 
  • Our Widgets allow citizens and admins to view and share data via permissions.